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Good jobs for women in Bristol?

"As part of RBS, we’re the only organisation to have featured on the Times list of Top Employers for Women every year since it was launched, - See more at: http://jobs.natwest.com/pages/inclusion#sthash.Vw8I0Qwu.dpuf"

New NatWest digital centre brings 80 jobs to Bristol


FPSW respond to JRF submission on Industrial Strategy

JRF have published their response to the government green paper on Industrial Strategy. Here is the FPSW comment on it.

Dear JRF,

I have read with great interest your response to the Green Paper on the Industrial Strategy (https://www.jrf.org.uk/report/jrf-response-industrial-strategy-green-paper?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=JRF%20weekly%20round-up%20wc%2017%20April%202017&utm_content=JRF%20weekly%20round-up%20wc%2017%20April%202017+CID_96f85e11c8aecdeb1d813185ea32148f&utm_source=Email%20marketing%20software&utm_term=Read%20the%20response) .

I agree with much of it. However I do think there is a missed opportunity to apply a gender lens to your findings. We find that the majority of those in the low paid and insecure jobs are women for a number of reasons which go beyond the low productivity of the sectors in which they work. Our argument is that the Industrial Strategy needs to cover investment in the social infrastructure (such as childcare and elder social care) which would enable women to take more paid employment in more decent jobs. See for example: http://www.fairplaysouthwest.org.uk/links/408-social-infrastructure-and-industrial-strategy, and the direct link below.


Event, Bristol Watershed 4th April 6pm

Feminist Dissent, Sharia Law and the Academy. The event features the new journal, Feminist Dissent and the speakers will be Gita Sahgal, ex Amnesty International and a journalist and film maker and Pragna Patel who runs Southall Black Sisters. Register at:



Women's Rights must not be lost under Brexit

Sue Cohen, writes in: http://policybristol.blogs.bris.ac.uk/2017/03/14/womens-rights-gained-under-eu-law-must-not-be-lost-in-brexit/?platform=hootsuite

Much of the debate in the UK, pre and post the referendum, has been on the single market and freedom of movement. Gender has been all but cleansed from the Brexit political and media discourse, with barely a mention of investment in women’s equality, the social infrastructure and the institutions that might guarantee progressive gains from gender mainstreaming.


Gender and the Crisis - Prof Sylvia Walby Address


Date: 30 March 2017
Venue: UWE, Room 4B031, Frenchay Campus
Time: 17:30 - 19:30

The Bristol Business and Law School invites you to Professor Sylvia Walby's Distinguished Professorial Address at UWE Bristol, Frenchay Campus, Thursday 30 March from 17:30.

The address will take place in Room 4B031, Frenchay Campus. Refreshements will be served before and after the address.



EHRC Plan for post-brexit equality and human rights

"Brexit plans lack ambition for equality and human rights" - https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/our-work/news/brexit-plans-lack-ambition-equality-and-human-rights

20 March 2017

Publishing a 5 point plan on how Britain’s status as a world leader on equality and human rights can be maintained and strengthened after we leave the European Union, Mr Isaac has called for the government to set out its vision for a fairer Britain once we leave the EU and demonstrate how it will take a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a shared society and heal the divisions exposed during and since the referendum campaign.

The 5 point plan covers:

  • protecting parliamentary sovereignty over the UK’s equality and human rights legal framework
  • retaining the UK’s equality and human rights legal framework as we leave the European Union
  • ensuring the UK is a global leader on equality and human rights
  • protecting the UK’s equality and human rights infrastructure
  • promoting the UK as an open and fair place to live and do business

Setting out what steps the government can take to create a fairer Britain once we leave the EU the action plan published today includes: