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Domestic Abuse Bill consultation

Published 8 March 2018 and closes 12:15am on 31 May 2018

From: Home Office and Ministry of Justice

The consultation sets out the government’s approach to dealing with domestic abuse. It seeks to address it at every stage from prevention through to rehabilitation and reinforces the government’s aim to make domestic abuse everyone’s business. The consultation is seeking views on both legislative proposals for a landmark draft Domestic Abuse Bill and a package of practical action.

This ongoing consultation can be found here.

End Violence Against Women have already responded to the government to: action, take responsibility and tackle the structural obstacles in ensuring that the health service, schools and the welfare and housing systems as well as the police, play their part in ending this crime.

“New law and public discussion about domestic violence and what can be done to stop it is welcome. But this Bill will be a missed opportunity if it doesn’t go further than small changes to criminal sanctions and sentencing. It must meet the needs of all women experiencing violence." - Sarah Green, co-director of EVAW

Brexit Impact on Women

Resources collected by FPSW include:


Research Contract Opportunity from EHRC

Literature Review on the Loss of EU Funds


We are looking for a suitably experienced contractor(s) with expert knowledge of EU structural funds and other funds relevant to equality and human rights to carry out a literature review entitled ‘Loss of EU Funds – impact on Equality and Human Rights’.

Region(s) of supply
Estimated value


FPSW says

To eliminate the gender pay gap Labour will need to ensure that:


Ending Sexual Harassment at Work, HMRC Report

FPSW has responded:

Dear HMRC,

I have just read your report and recommendations on ending sexual harassment at work; an excellent summary of the issues thank you. https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/sites/default/files/ending-sexual-harassment-at-work.pdf

I just wondered, please:

  1.       What is the status of the report and what requirement is there on the Government or Employers to respond to the recommendations?
  2.       Is there a missing issue around treatment of perpetrators? I would have thought that hesitancy to report incidence of unwanted harassment towards oneself (and indeed lack restraint by those who harass) is at least in part due to uncertainty that the perpetrator will be at least sanctioned if not removed from their position of power. In the past it has too often been the victim who has had to change their job even where the harassment is accepted. A policy which included zero tolerance and implemented this with vigour would do much both to encourage reporting and to reduce casual ‘banter’.


Why does tax matter for equality between women and men?

The APPG on Responsible Taxation and the Women’s Budget Group invite you to:

The Wilson Room, Portcullis House, SW1A 2JR

11.30 am Tuesday 1 May 2018

A fair tax system is critical to ensuring gender equality and tackling poverty. Tax policy enables governments to influence the economy in ways that may impact differently on men and women because of differences in their economic position, caring responsibilities and decision-making power. Tax also provides revenue that is used to invest in infrastructure, public services and social security. Women, because of their caring roles, often are, or end up, more dependent on such services and transfers than men.


EHRC Pay Gap Reporting Enforcement Policy published


Dear Dr Jackie Longworth

Thank you for your participation in our consultation on the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s proposals to enforce Gender Pay Gap Reporting regulations.

Please click here to view our published Pay Gap Reporting Enforcement Policy. Many thanks for your input in shaping this policy.

With the deadline of 4th April 2018 fast approaching, we are urging all organisations employing over 250 people to ensure they comply with the regulation, to avoid enforcement proceedings.


Make all jobs flexible says Women and Equalities Committee

In it's report on Fathers' rights the WEC recommends, amongst other things, that:

  • The Government should legislate immediately to make a reality the Prime Minister’s call for all jobs to be advertised as flexible from day one, unless there are solid business reasons not to


WEC inquiry and report: Fathers and the Workplace