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South West Women's Manifesto

Economic Equality - Zero hours contracts - Report of Resolution Foundation


A detailed assessment of the pros and cons of zero hours contracts with recomendations for government action.

Safety Equality - Manifesto Background Links

The following links provide resources about women's safety equality including domestic violence.

pdfLGIU Report on Ending Violence against Women and Girls

pdfHMIC Report on policing extract


Power Equality Manifesto Background Papers

The following resources have been used to evidence the SW Women's Manifesto in relation to women's power equality:

pdfSex and Power 2013 report from Counting Women in Coalition3.11 MB

Economic Equality - Manifesto background papers

Fair Play SW has performed analyses of data from Office of National Statistics 2012, 2013 to determine the extent of women's poverty pay and the gender pay gap in the South West of England. The resultant Background Papers and other relevant resourcescan be found from the following links. 
These open in new windows.

docxPoverty Facts and Figures15.25 KB 

docxWest of England Local Enterprise Partnership area1001.88 KB

docxHeart of SW Local Enterprise area2.06 MB

docxPay gap changes 201330.76 KB

docxWeekly hours worked17.35 KB

docxWomen and Work consultation response25.27 KB

Budget Response 2014 by Women's Budget Group

docxEconomic Equality Manifesto thinkpiece27.08 KB

High Quality Affordable Childcare Report launched


Fair Play South West has published its pdfreport on high quality affordable childcare445.92 KB, based on presentations at an event held on 21st October and subsequent discussions.

It recommends:

1) FPSW partners and supporters should add their voices to those calling for a new model of childcare provision which would guarantee every child from parental leave age to school age access to high quality free childcare, provided by the State on the same basis as school age education is provided.
2) Bristol’s Mayor should lobby Government to include Social Infrastructure in its developing Industrial Strategy.
3) Bristol Women’s Commission should consider and support a proposal made by FPSW and BWV to the Mayor’s consultation on the Corporate Strategy that a ‘Childcare Infrastructure Fund’ be established, funded by local businesses and other partners, managed by the Council to provide free universal childcare within Bristol. This might be piloted in the Temple Quay Enterprise Zone.
4) The Local Enterprise Partnership should seek agreement from large employers in the West of England and those businesses benefitting from public development funds to an employment charter which encourages the employment of women for example through making decent jobs available on a flexible basis.