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How to reduce the gender pay gap in your business

In a blog for Business West, FPSW Chair Jackie Longworth gives timely advice as businesses gear up to comply with new gender pay gap reporting regulations.


Gender and the Crisis

The Distinguished Professorial Address: Professor Sylvia Walby


The Bristol Law School invites you to Professor Sylvia Walby's Distinguished Professorial Address,

Thursday 30th March from 17:30.

Register your free place here.

Room 4B031,
Frenchay Campus
UWE Bristol

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Is the mid-twentieth century European nightmare, in which financial crisis led to economic recession, fascism and violence,being repeated today? 

What constitutes crisis is contested.  The construction of government deficits as if they entailed fiscal crisis to be treated as a state of exception is contested. 

The cascading of crisis from one institutional domain to another is also contested, since renewed democratic forces potentially provide sites of resilience and resistance.


RSA Inclusive Growth Commission Final Report published


Proposes a new model of integration of social and economic policy:

Social infrastructure: Investing in education, skills and employability support, mental health, affordable childcare

Physical infrastructure: Connecting people to economic assets and opportunities (via housing, transport, digital)

Inclusive industrial strategies: Long-term commitments to key sectors, clusters and technologies, including in low paid sectors (eg retail, care, warehousing and logistics)

Business-led productivity and quality jobs: Firms moving up value chain, creating quality jobs (fairly paid, scope for progression and autonomy, family friendly and flexible)

Macro-environment: Creating a culture of enterprise, inclusive legal/ financial institutions (eg regional banking) competitive fiscal and monetary policy and appropriate labour market regulation

Commission Chair Stephanie Flanders said


Survey results on SW Social Purpose Sector

South West Forum report published at http://southwestforum.org.uk/survey. Director Steve Woollett said:

"We were struck by the relatively fragility of much of the sector (almost half feel their unrestricted reserves are not safe) and the increasing difficulty organisations have in securing the funding they need for their work (79% are finding it more difficult.) Our sense also is of a sector divided, between those organisations that are doing OK and feel (reasonably) well equipped for the future and those that are struggling. Our survey also reveals a pretty disheartening picture of the (lack of) sector involvement in the development of (crucially important) Sustainability Transformation Plans (STPs) and devolution proposals."

The report concludes 


Cleaners at LSE strike 15th & 16th March

This is a plea for support for my fellow cleaners at the prestigious London School of Economics University (LSE) who have taken the difficult and courageous decision to go on strike on 15th and 16th March 2017. 

They are demanding dignity and equality which the LSE and the cleaning contractor Noonan has long denied them. Many of the cleaners say they feel treated “second class” or “like the dirt they clean”.

This will be the first strike by outsourced staff in the 126 year history of the LSE. 



Network established to encourage diversity in apprenticeships


The Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network (ADCN) is comprised of 23 employers, including Rolls Royce, BBC, BAE Systems and a number of small- and medium-sized employers. The network has been established to champion apprenticeships and diversity amongst employers and encourage more people from underrepresented groups, including those with disabilities, women and members of the black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities, to consider apprenticeships.

Dorset Women's Week

Dear WAND Women

We are delighted to announce our 2017 programme for Dorset Womens Week,starting with a guided wildlife walk at Arne, and  culminating in Dorset Womens Day (pdfhere1.4 MB) .


WEC Report and EDF Response – Ensuring Strong Equalities Legislation After Brexit

The Women and Equalities Select Committee published a report on ensuring strong equalities legislation after Brexit in February 2017, after an earlier inquiry.

The report recommended that the Government should:

  • introduce an amendment to the Equality Act 2010 to empower Parliament and the Courts to declare whether legislation is compatible with UK principles of equality, comparable to similar provisions in the Human Rights Act;
  • include a clause in the Great Repeal Bill that explicitly commits to maintaining the current levels of equality protection when EU law is transposed into UK law;
  • develop a cross-government equality strategy in order to ensure that all government departments take action on equality, and to provide a platform for linking into civil society organisations; and
  • map the extent of research and other equality projects currently receiving EU funds and to replace and ring-fence these funds to allow research on equalities to continue undisrupted.

Read a summaryrecommendations, or the full report.

EDF Chief Executive, Ali Harris, said:


11 March 2017 11:00 ~ Making the Media Work for Women – A Celebration for International Women’s Day – South West TUC Women’s Committee- Bristol

Until 15:00 @ Tony Benn House, Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6AY

The event is open to Women only and will be a day of celebration for International Women’s Day with:

  • Music from Clare Mooney
  • A play about Sarah Guppy performed by Bristol actress Kim Hicks and developed by Show of Strength Theatre Company
  • Discussion groups
  • Workshops: US President Donald Trump, Film and TV along with various others

The event is free and lunch is included.

Closing date: Noon, Thursday, 9 March 2017

Register at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/making-the-media-work-for-women-a-celebration-for-international-womens-day-tickets-32057821808?aff=es2

New research on Women Returners

First Woman has recently posted 'Two thirds of Women Return to Lower-paid, Lower-skilled, jobs after Career Break', based on research by PwC, Women Returners, and 30% Club.

Fair Play SW has posted this reply:

"This research confirms other research findings. The question now is what to do about it? Fair Play South West says all jobs should be advertised as available for flexible working, required by regulation as the voluntary approach hasn’t worked. See, for example:http://www.fairplaysouthwest.org.uk/images/The_Gender_Pay_Gap_elimination.docx"