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Bristol project for women and jobs receives funding

The ROSA trust announced:

"This grant has been approved for: To introduce a gender dimension to Bristol’s new Temple Quay Enterprise Zone by representing local women, identifying ways to enable women to access employment, connecting women with skills providers/potential employers and influencing decision makers."


Better Jobs for Mums and Dads, Research Report

"17. It should be the default position that all staff can benefit from positive flexible working practices. This would especially help parents manage their childcare. Employers should have to justify where it is not possible to advertise a role flexibly. This would be a big step towards changing workplace culture and creating a more supportive climate for young parents to work flexibly and manage their childcare needs."

One of many recommendations in this TUC research report. https://www.tuc.org.uk/sites/default/files/Better_Jobs_For_Mums_And_Dads_2017_AW_Digital_0.pdf


Women and Brexit news 2

Fair Play SW co-authored paper presented to ESA conference in Athens, September 2017 

pdfWomen and Brexit ESA paper206.94 KB


Women and Brexit news 1

The Equality and Diversity Forum published a briefing on the European (Withdrawal) Bill.



Good jobs for women in Bristol?

"As part of RBS, we’re the only organisation to have featured on the Times list of Top Employers for Women every year since it was launched, - See more at: http://jobs.natwest.com/pages/inclusion#sthash.Vw8I0Qwu.dpuf"

New NatWest digital centre brings 80 jobs to Bristol


FPSW respond to JRF submission on Industrial Strategy

JRF have published their response to the government green paper on Industrial Strategy. Here is the FPSW comment on it.

Dear JRF,

I have read with great interest your response to the Green Paper on the Industrial Strategy (https://www.jrf.org.uk/report/jrf-response-industrial-strategy-green-paper?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=JRF%20weekly%20round-up%20wc%2017%20April%202017&utm_content=JRF%20weekly%20round-up%20wc%2017%20April%202017+CID_96f85e11c8aecdeb1d813185ea32148f&utm_source=Email%20marketing%20software&utm_term=Read%20the%20response) .

I agree with much of it. However I do think there is a missed opportunity to apply a gender lens to your findings. We find that the majority of those in the low paid and insecure jobs are women for a number of reasons which go beyond the low productivity of the sectors in which they work. Our argument is that the Industrial Strategy needs to cover investment in the social infrastructure (such as childcare and elder social care) which would enable women to take more paid employment in more decent jobs. See for example: http://www.fairplaysouthwest.org.uk/links/408-social-infrastructure-and-industrial-strategy, and the direct link below.