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Young Women’s Trust report: Young, Female and Forgotten?

The Young Women’s Trust published a report, ‘Young, Female and Forgotten?‘, in late 2016.

The report says: “For over a decade young women have been more likely than young men to be not in education, employment or training (NEET) and to be NEET and economically inactive (EI). At the time of writing, the most recent figures showed that 843,000 young people in the UK were NEET. Of these the majority – 434,000 – were women.”



Respond to the Bristol City Council consultation on prioritising housing for survivors of domestic abuse


Details of the draft policy are here.

Complete the consultation questions hereThe consultation closes on 3 Jan 2017

Bristol Zero Tolerance and Bristol Women’s Voice are working with interested members on this issue to help formulate our response. Do you have any comments or key issues you want us to address? E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.by Friday 23rd December. Please see our working document here


What women want 20 interim report

Last week, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original What Women Want survey, we launched an interim report based on responses to WWW2.0 so far.
You can read the report and find out what women want today here

The survey remains open and we will continue to collect answers. So far we have received 3478 responses and counting! Please do ask your friends and networks to take part in the survey.


Social mobility commission report 2016

This hard hitting report says much FPSW has been saying for years!


For example:

 The Government’s increased investment in the early years is welcome, but there is not enough high-quality provision: poorer children, who stand to gain most from high-quality childcare, are least likely to receive it. 

The cost of childcare for a family with two young children is more than the average mortgage: struggling families are priced out of the best provision and new childcare reforms could make this worse, not better.
Only one in ten low-paid workers – who are mainly women – escape low pay and in 40 local authorities in England a third of all employees are not paid the voluntary Living Wage.
We recommend:


Embedding Gender Mainstreaming after leaving the EU

docIn an article34 KB for the 'Remember 51%' campaign, Sue Cohen argues that recent progress on women's equality may well be reversed unless we take positive steps to embed EU gender mainstreaming rules into UK legislation, regulation and funding rules.


Cost of pregnancy and maternity discrimination revealed

British businesses are losing nearly £280 million a year due to women being forced out of their jobs through pregnancy and maternity discrimination according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. New research shows that this is largely down to recruitment and training costs and lost productivity.

Women who kept their jobs were also likely to be out of pocket due to discrimination, by failing to get a promotion, having their salary reduced, being demoted and receiving a lower pay rise or bonus than they would have otherwise.

Read the full story.

Venue change; women and Brexit event 10th December

Leaving the EU: Fighting for Women's Rights


Saturday 10th December 10.30am-4pm
Novatel Hotel, Victoria Street, Bristol BS1

The European Socialist Party (PES) has agreed to sponsor an event to inform women about the current benefits of EU membership and the rights we need to protect in the Brexit negotiations. Clare Moody MEP will be joined by other Labour representatives, trade unionists, academics and professionals who specialise in gender equality to discuss these crucial issues.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to reserve a place by Monday 21 November.


Employers call for free universal childcare

Launching this report by British Chambers of Commerce their Director General said:

“At a time when economic growth is softening, and skills gaps and recruitment difficulties are hindering businesses, the government should consider the childcare system as part of Britain’s core business infrastructure – in the same way that it thinks of energy, transport, or broadband."

Fair Play South West Chair adds: "this confirms arguments put at our recent event on the Childcare Conundrum attended by parents and providers as well as business at which our speaker from the Women's Budget Group put the economic case for public provision of high quality childcare, free and universally available. This campaign is a key plank of our work to elliminate the gender pay gap, along with the expansion of availability of flexible working in high quality well paid jobs."