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Domestic Abuse Bill consultation

Published 8 March 2018 and closes 12:15am on 31 May 2018

From: Home Office and Ministry of Justice

The consultation sets out the government’s approach to dealing with domestic abuse. It seeks to address it at every stage from prevention through to rehabilitation and reinforces the government’s aim to make domestic abuse everyone’s business. The consultation is seeking views on both legislative proposals for a landmark draft Domestic Abuse Bill and a package of practical action.

This ongoing consultation can be found here.

End Violence Against Women have already responded to the government to: action, take responsibility and tackle the structural obstacles in ensuring that the health service, schools and the welfare and housing systems as well as the police, play their part in ending this crime.

“New law and public discussion about domestic violence and what can be done to stop it is welcome. But this Bill will be a missed opportunity if it doesn’t go further than small changes to criminal sanctions and sentencing. It must meet the needs of all women experiencing violence." - Sarah Green, co-director of EVAW