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Ending Sexual Harassment at Work, HMRC Report

FPSW has responded:

Dear HMRC,

I have just read your report and recommendations on ending sexual harassment at work; an excellent summary of the issues thank you. https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/sites/default/files/ending-sexual-harassment-at-work.pdf

I just wondered, please:

  1.       What is the status of the report and what requirement is there on the Government or Employers to respond to the recommendations?
  2.       Is there a missing issue around treatment of perpetrators? I would have thought that hesitancy to report incidence of unwanted harassment towards oneself (and indeed lack restraint by those who harass) is at least in part due to uncertainty that the perpetrator will be at least sanctioned if not removed from their position of power. In the past it has too often been the victim who has had to change their job even where the harassment is accepted. A policy which included zero tolerance and implemented this with vigour would do much both to encourage reporting and to reduce casual ‘banter’.


Jackie Longworth

Chair, Fair Play South West



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