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Make all jobs flexible says Women and Equalities Committee

In it's report on Fathers' rights the WEC recommends, amongst other things, that:


WEC inquiry and report: Fathers and the Workplace


Current policies supporting fathers in the workplace do not deliver what they promise, despite good intentions.  And this is particularly true for low-income fathers, says a March 2018 report from the Women and Equalities Select Committee.

The report finds that the right to request flexible working has not created the necessary cultural change.  It recommends:

  • Statutory paternity pay should be paid at 90% of the father’s pay (capped for higher earners) to help ensure that all fathers, regardless of income, can be at home around the time of their child’s birth
  • The Government should consider the costs and benefits of introducing a new policy of 12 weeks’ standalone fathers’ leave in the child’s first year as an alternative to shared parental leave when it reviews the policy this year
  • The Government should legislate immediately to make a reality the Prime Minister’s call for all jobs to be advertised as flexible from day one, unless there are solid business reasons not to
  • The Government should harmonise workplace rights for fathers who are agency workers or self-employed with those for employed fathers where practical – for example by introducing paternity allowance similar to maternity allowance.