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Opportunity to return to a STEM career

Partnering with STEM Returners, Babcock and Atlas Elektonik are offering a trailblazing 13-week programme aimed at giving highly qualified engineers a chance to show that taking extended time away from work is not a barrier to getting a job in 2018.  It’s on offer to men and women who have more than a year’s career break from science, technology or engineering - and is also open to candidates who have the skills and experience to transfer their technical career.

Those wanting to take up the offer have until Friday 24th February to apply at www.stemreturners.com/returner-registration

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STEM Returners is hoping it’s initiative, launched in conjunction with the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) and the Women’s Engineering Society (WES), will be the key to persuading engineers to return to work.

Candidates signing up to these “STEM Returners” programmes will join a paid 13-week structured return to work programme, including soft skills training, technical training and on the job experience, as well as coaching and mentoring support.

At the end of 13 weeks, both companies will make permanent job offers to those returners who show they have what it takes to work for these key employers.  This isn’t just work experience but a genuine opportunity to restart careers.