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EHRC Plan for post-brexit equality and human rights

"Brexit plans lack ambition for equality and human rights" - https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/our-work/news/brexit-plans-lack-ambition-equality-and-human-rights

20 March 2017

Publishing a 5 point plan on how Britain’s status as a world leader on equality and human rights can be maintained and strengthened after we leave the European Union, Mr Isaac has called for the government to set out its vision for a fairer Britain once we leave the EU and demonstrate how it will take a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a shared society and heal the divisions exposed during and since the referendum campaign.

The 5 point plan covers:

Setting out what steps the government can take to create a fairer Britain once we leave the EU the action plan published today includes:


March 20, 2017