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RSA Inclusive Growth Commission Final Report published


Proposes a new model of integration of social and economic policy:

Social infrastructure: Investing in education, skills and employability support, mental health, affordable childcare

Physical infrastructure: Connecting people to economic assets and opportunities (via housing, transport, digital)

Inclusive industrial strategies: Long-term commitments to key sectors, clusters and technologies, including in low paid sectors (eg retail, care, warehousing and logistics)

Business-led productivity and quality jobs: Firms moving up value chain, creating quality jobs (fairly paid, scope for progression and autonomy, family friendly and flexible)

Macro-environment: Creating a culture of enterprise, inclusive legal/ financial institutions (eg regional banking) competitive fiscal and monetary policy and appropriate labour market regulation

Commission Chair Stephanie Flanders said


If we are really going to build a nation that “works for everyone, not just the privileged few”, we need to do a better job of measuring what counts. We need to understand that modern capitalism is messy and does not produce predictable winners and losers - and that drawing a strict line between economic and social policy is increasingly counterproductive. Above all, we need a national strategy for inclusive growth, agreed and supported by the centre but devised and implemented by local actors with a keen sense of place.