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Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations


The Government response to its consultation on the proposed Reporting Regulations has clarified a number of questions raised by employers. For example, the relevant date will now be 5th April to avoid complexities of spanning two tax years. Commencement will be April 2017.

However, the size of employers within scope remains 250 employees, and a number of other modifications proposed by civil society and trade unions will not be made, including:


Though they have amended the regulations so that it is clearer that the regulations to apply to all employees within the meaning of section 83 of the Equality Act 2010, this excludes self-employed workers and agency workers paid by their Agency;

Reporting will not be required separately for part time and full time workers and nor will information on the proportions of men and women working part time;

Action plans for reducing any pay gaps identified will not be required;

Penalties and monitoring for non-compliance will not be introduced, other than through the powers of the EHRC;

The employees will be divided into pay quartiles rather than the deciles proposed by some.