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Event " Become a carer or mentor for refugee children and young people" on 31st Jan at City Hall, Bristol


Dear colleague,

As you may know, Bristol is keen to welcome some of the 88,000 unaccompanied asylum seeking children and young people who made their way to Europe before March 2016 and who are living in refugee camps in Italy, Greece and France.

However we need more host families  to support the children and young people so we are organising a fast track process to recruit more foster carers, supported lodgings and befrienders. We held our first event in November and 150 people booked within 2 days. From the audience we were able to follow up  the 24 people who were interested in fostering, 15 people interested in offering supported lodgings and 40 people who were interested in mentoring

We are holding a follow up event for the people who were unable to get a ticket for the first event and for people who are keen to be foster carers

We are particularly keen to involve as diverse a group of foster carers as possible.


Please circulate the information on this event to as many people as possible.


Anne James

Equality and Community Cohesion Team Leader

Bristol City Council

3D04, City Hall



07807 608240